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There is an Odoo app for everything

You can evolve with the Odoo software package

Base module

Do you only want a simple website?

With Odoo you can launch your website in seconds, without programming or developer. Whether it’s sales landing pages, collecting subscriptions, introduction, or constant blogging.

Blog in seconds

You can relay on our amazing features

Sales, landing page, what is converting

You can quickly test and measure your ideas

Multilingual and easy to translate

Multilingual introductory page can be operated
Base module

Would you like to start with selling? 

In the focus of the operation is the sales, be it service or commerce. The tracking of the orders is child's play with Odoo sales module.

Don't lose more orders

The threads run into each other in the sales module.

More sales

Less time for administration

The basis of planing

Map to progress
Base module

The CRM is the key to the customers!

The customer centric CRM doesn't forget and the customers neither the quality service and communication. The full Odoo CRM can be used on its own, but it's integrated with the other modules.

Satisfied customers

By the quality of communication

Recurring sales

Returning customers

Speed up the sales

Follow and close the processes sooner
Base module

Would you send beautiful quote fast? 

With the Odoo bidding module you can create custom bids fast. The quality of the offer which is complemented by beautiful photos or images about the service, is very convincing.

The offer is acceptable with one click

And can be converted to order

Change requests can be attached

It can be followed by all colleagues

It also can close with payment

After the accept the offer also can pay online 
Base module

Registration of incoming and outgoing invoices!

Odoo, developed in Belgium, supports the complex registration of invoices. Recording of incoming and outgoing invoices, advance and proforma invoices, and tracking of their payment status is part of the basic system. Appropriate for Hungarian law, Magyar törvényi szabályozásnak megfelelő NAV kapcsolattal rendelkező számlázás is available with an extra module. For the actual prices see the products on Hungarodo Marketplace >>

Storage of invoice images

Simple connection of the accounted and original invoice

Tracking of payments

Automated reminders or limit management

Online payment

Convenient for buyer and fast for the beneficiary
Base module

Would you automate the procurement?

With Odoo not only for the customers can you create a quote, but you can simplify the communication with the supplier with the request and purchase module.

From a simple request for quotation to an order

Can even be linked to sales orders, eg dropshipping.

All negotiations and conditions can be recorded

There is no misunderstanding because the information is available to both the team and the supplier

Management of price lists and tenders

Even better offers
Base module

Inventory management simply!

You can increase your revenue with up-to-date inventory. In addition to incoming and outgoing shipments, transparency is also facilitated by the traceability of internal movements and in storage placement.

Manage multiple warehouses and locations

No more mixed goods

Lot/ batch and unique serial number management

Manufacturer and own IDs, barcode availability

Automated rules

Beside minimum and maximum stocks, available quantities and packages
Base module

Production support

Whether it's automating complex manufacturing processes or producing just from 2 material a new product, you can count on Odoo.

Handling of raw materials, half finished products, recipes and processes

One or more emerging product types

Kits, package management

Production of bulk and individual orders

Internal workflows and subcontracting solutions

Separable and connected processes in space and time
Base module

Schedule maintenance

The planned maintenance of the machines required for the production in most cases can also be solved with the Odoo system, but of course it is also useful for those who do not manufacture, for example, for the maintenance of IT equipment.

Automated maintenance

Scheduled maintenance has never been so easy

Status of running maintenance

The status and information of the devices you are currently maintaining is trackable

Reducing downtime and increasing efficiency

In addition to predictability, integration also helps the transparency
Base module

Supporting the HR processes

HR processes can be simplified from recruitment and selection to performance appraisal and improvement.

Strengthening employer brand

Even unsuccessful applicants are happy because the information 

Efficient onboarding process

For easier integration

Maintaining commitment

Odoo also supports a transparent organizational structure, training and coaching.
Base module

Worktime records integrated

The other half of HR modules that support the human side, which promotes efficiency and organization

Worktime records

With transparent reports

Holiday planning

Self-service or even with multiple levels of approval

Simple attendance sheets

Can be linked to the performed tasks
Base module

Project management with Odoo

Lists, milestones, kanban board. Everything you need for smooth project management, and more. Internal and external cooperation for transparent cooperation.

Easy planning

Planning is essential, so with Odoo even repetitive tasks and projects are feasible.

Organized and transparent cooperation

Thanks to the email integration, everyone is up-to-date, but the webpage is also accessible even to external customers.

Easy reporting

Odoo also provides the possibility of the basic reporting inside the project app.
Base module

International accounting practice

Odoo makes possible to create the transaction, which are related to accounting, automatically. For example related to invoicing or stock movement.  

Account mirror

With commonly used general ledger numbers.


Balance, outcome etc.

Register of assets

Records and depreciation.
Base module

Teamwork software

No more unnecessary emails. You can record messages, tasks, and notes for any Odoo document. So this way, everyone has access to up-to-date information that matches their entitlement. But even emails from customers can be include in the right place and notifications can be sent.

IRC/Slack like chat rooms

Colleagues are available online to work efficiently

E-mail integration

Incommung and outgoing e-mails and automations 

Customer portal

The most convenient and transparent interface for follow things to everyone
Base module

Professional newsletter

You can easily create and send a newsletter with the help of Odoo. You can create your unique and mobile friendly newsletter from ready-made templates or blocks.

Manage multiple newsletter groups

You can have more lists.

Sending, receiving, opening, etc. reports

Everything you need for a data driven decision.

Don't pay per subscriber

Unlimited correspondence cost-effectively *

In addition to the above core modules,
more than 30,000 apps are available.

Choose hungarodo and evolve with Odoo! 

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