Without the proper software, there is chaos.

A good app helps with everyday activities.

We are Digital Agency

Odoo in Hungarian is hungarodo

In Odoo for almost everything is an app, with which the general or even special tasks can be simplified. 

These apps are also connected with each other, thanks to this Odoo grows as your company, and no other app nedded. 

Software package

Why Odoo is outstanding?

Excellent employees deserves excellent software, which supports their work and doesn't complicate it.

Logical structure

You will find everything, where it would be looking for first. With this the frustration and training time is reducing. 

Single, central data

There is no duplication, everything falls into place first and immediately re(usable). 

No time-consuming clicks

Thanks to the integration of the apps, there is no unnecessary administration. The work in the Odoo is the quick solution of the tasks and the transparent administration at the same time. 

Internal and external integrations 

Day by day appearing new opportunities and challenges. Whether new software or legal regulations, so it's essential to connect external services.

But exactly because we need so much "external integration", no company can afford to use multiple software to its core processes, for example CRM for customer services, inventory management for records, financial software for invoicing, because without connecting these not only the corporate management, but also the daily work is blind flight, and the subsequent integration of these is a huge challenge. 



In Odoo, you can turn on the necessary integrated functions step by step.
The flexible base system allows the usage of the necessary external integrations. For example the integration of the Hungarian NAV invoicing, the Barion payment,  or the GLS delivery platform.

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Outstanding user experience

Success depends on the co-workers. The daily work is highly influenced by the quality of the used software. 

On the other side, there is the customer experience and the customer satisfaction, which can be improved through the quality of the self-service surfaces, the digitalized knowledge and the customer service.

All of these, with the Odoo modules is simple!

Odoo supports you in growing

Some software can hinder you in development, but in Odoo you can find ready, or easy-to-customize solutions to existing or evolving problems.

Odoo is the new employee

Although in Odoo it is very easy to recruit, select, enter, train and invollve a new co-worker into the tasks thanks to the HR modules, but in many cases in addition, that it providing competitive functions with other software of the area, thanks to its quality without the specialist of the given area can be operate well.
Staying with the above example, with the support of Odoo, instead of looking for the right HR professional, who select some HR software, any of our agile employee may be suitable to perform the HR tasks, after the enabling of the appropriate modules. All of this in a quality that also supports the employee branding with the involved persons outstanding "customer experience".

This fast and transparent operation is true for most business area and Odoo module, from project management through purchasing to invoicing.

Learn the Odoo modules